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   2020 Awards And Scholarships NCAEHA is proud to offer a variety of Awards and Scholarships to our outstanding members each year to highlight their achievements within the Environmental Health field. Awards and Scholarship winners are announced at the Annual Awards Dinner, held during the summer. 

James M. Wordsworth Scholarship
James Wordsworth has been a long standing restaurateur and advocate for the work Environmental Health Professionals do to help keep the public safe. Mr. Wordsworth is a Honorary Lifetime Member of NCAEHA and every year helps make a scholarship available to a candidate that is seeking higher education in a field related to Environmental Health.
Nominations due Dec. 31, 2020. Apply Here

Jerrold M. Michael Award
Jerrold Michael was the Founding President of NCAEHA. He was a true leader and pioneer in the field of Environmental Health. This award is to recognize a professional in the field of environmental health that has contributed to his or her employer’s environmental health mission, to the goals of the National Capital Area Environmental Health Association, and to the advancement of the environmental health profession.
Nominations due Dec. 31, 2020. Apply Here

NEHA Certificate of Merit
Each year, NEHA recognizes one individual and one team, from each of its Affiliates, who has made outstanding contributions to the profession of environmental health. It is one of the benefits of your affiliation with NEHA.
Deadline passed. 

Dedicated Service Award NEW
This recognition is awarded to Long-term members who are retiring this year. Candidates can be nominated by any member of NCAEHA. Eligibility: to be eligible a nominee must: be an Environmental Health Professional that is approaching retirement within the next year, be a member in good standing of NCAEHA for a minimum of 2 years, be actively engaged in the field of environmental health, and have performed professional duties in the field of environmental health above and beyond the usual employment requirements so as to elevate the professional status of the Environmental Health Professional.
Nominations due Dec. 31, 2020. Apply Here

Environmental Health Innovation Award NEW
This award is presented to a NCAEHA member or organization for creating a new idea, practice or product that has had a positive impact on improving the environment or public health and quality of life. The purpose of this award is to recognize these individuals and to encourage others to search for creative solutions. 
Nominations due Dec. 31, 2020. Apply Here

NCAEHA Industry Award NEW
This award is presented to a company or industry which has demonstrated support to NCAEHA and has made a significant contribution to the field of environmental health and/or to NCAEHA.
Nominations due Dec. 31, 2020. Apply Here

Members of the Year - VA, MD, DC NEW
These members are chosen by the VP of Membership and Secretary and are awarded for their outstanding dedication to NCAEHA.  Winners will have demonstrated active conference attendance, committee work, and have been active Members for 2 years or more.  A selection from Virginia, Maryland, and DC will be awarded, if applicable.
Selcted by VP of Membership and Secretary based on NCAEHA standing.

2019 Awards Winners

2019 NEHA Individual Certificate of Merit:  not awarded this year

2019 NEHA Team Certificate of Merit:    NACCHO Mentorship Program Leadership Team, Fairfax County

The Fairfax County Health Department — NACCHO Mentorship Program Leadership Team is awarded for their mentoring work over the past seven (7) years to a total of thirty-two (32) Local Health Departments (LHDs). This has been a superior team effort that demonstrates excellence in providing assistance and guidance to peer Local Health Departments in improving their Food Safety Programs by enrolling in and working towards meeting the Voluntary National Retail Food Regulatory Program Standards (VNRFRPS).

The Fairfax County Health Department, Division of Environmental Health has been selected over the past seven (7) years [Cohort 2 through Cohort 8] to mentor other LHDs throughout the United States. The NACCHO Mentorship Program Leadership Team worked over the course of 8 to 9 months during each of the Cohorts. 

The work of the NACCHO Mentorship Program Leadership Team has resulted in the Mentee LHDs: completing self-assessments, developing improvements plans, successful completion of twenty (20) verification audits and sustaining their efforts in the Program Standards after completion of the NACCHO Mentorship Program.

The Leadership Team consists of Pieter Sheehan, Cassandra Mitchell, David Lawrence, Ron Campbell, Shannon McKeon, Kevin Wastler, Deborah Crabtree, Suja Warrier and Grace Sun. 

2019 Jerrold M. Michael Award:   Douglas Dalier, Sanitarian, DC Health

Douglas Dalier currently serves the District of Columbia Department of Health as a Sanitarian. In 2016, Mr. Dalier lead the Division in applying for a 2-year grant from the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission through the Pool Safely Grant Program. This grant provided funds to the division to promote public health and safety to pools around the District. Mr. Dalier has successfully lead and secured this award for the Department of Health for the next two years.  

Mr. Dalier coordinated activities such developing and distributing pool safety information including a barrier assessment checklist to aid licensed pool and spa owners in determining barrier deficiencies present in a hazard log which led to prohibited submerged vacuum fittings for new construction with the adoption of a new pool and spa code in April 2017. Another achievement was the coordination a direct mail campaign of Pool Safely and DC pool and spa safety materials to residential pool and spa owners within the District.

In addiiton, he serves on groups and teams as a member and a leader and has been involved heavily in the update of the District's food and hygiene regulations. His contributions to public health through the Pool Safely Grant emulate what it means to me to be an impactful innovator of environmental health.

2019 James M. Wordsworth Scholarship:   Laura Wildey, Program Manager, DC Health

Laura Wildey is a part time student at Michigan State University studying to become a Master of Science in Food Safety at Michigan State University in the fall of 2018.  While doing so, she is a full time Program Manager for the Food Safety and Hygiene Inspection Services Division (FSHISD) at the District of Columbia Department of Health.

Ms. Wildey began working in the field of public health in 2012, as a third party auditor for EcoSure, and Ecolab Company. From there, she has worked for the DC Department of Health as a Sanitarian, the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services as a Food Safety Specialist, and in January of 2018, returned to the D.C. Department of Health as the Program Manager of the FSHISD. Here, she is responsible for leading a team of 26 Sanitarians and public health professionals in the monitoring and control of foodborne and waterborne illnesses in the District of Columbia. Ms. Wildey has lead the team in adopting food and hygiene rules and regulations, and support enforcement procedures of those codes in the District. 

Ms. Wildey is taking courses at MSU to further her knowledge so that she can impart it on her team and further their work in public health.

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